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New!  Improved Paperless Billing now available!

Starting May 1st, all new water bills will be available through your online profile through the Online Payment System for S S Water Supply.  We have now made the process of Paperless Billing easier and more robust through our Online Payment System.  Since you will now have access to the full details of the bill, now is the perfect time to sign up for Paperless Billing!


It’s this easy:  just log into your online profile, click on the Billing Tab and go to Paperless Billing.  Your email and/or mobile number must be verified in order to enroll into the system.  Email notifications will notify you of your balance and the due date.  Text notification will do the same, but if you have a saved payment profile, you can pay your bill directly from your phone!


Since we are changing our billing vendor, you will receive a hard copy statement in the mail until you re-enroll.  So, please visit https://sswater.net/bill-payment, click on Pay Your Bill Now to enroll or update your online profile.  Help us 'Go Green' by signing up for Paperless Billing, free of charge!"