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COVID-19 Informational Bulletin #2

SSWSC – COVID-19 Informational Bulletin #2

by Herb Williams, General Manager

April 2, 2020


On March 17th, we published some information on the steps that we as a Corporation are taking to ensure that we are able to maintain the level of water service our Members expect from us.  Among the steps we are taking, we also detailed some things that our Membership could do to help us; specifically to limit the amount of water used on outdoor activities, like watering your lawn.


We regularly run water consumption reports using our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, and we recently added additional reports to more closely monitor water use throughout the system in an effort to conserve our water treatment chemical supplies.  Unfortunately, there are a good number of folks who are still using large amounts of water despite our pleas to conserve.  For example, over the 24 hours between 30-31 March 2020 we had 180 Members who used at least 2,000 gallons of water, 12 Members who used over 6,000 gallons, and two Members who used over 13,500 gallons of water in a single day (and these were nonscheduled watering days).


As stated previously, we are doing our best to be proactive by stockpiling necessary supplies needed, but if those supply chains break down for whatever reason, we may be forced to take additional measures to maximize the use of the water treatment chemicals and supplies we have on hand.


Again, we are asking for our Members to please limit water use to the greatest extent possible.  We are forecast to receive a good amount of rain over the next week or so, so that should help with lawn maintenance.  We thank you in advance for your adherence to our water conservation requests.


Herb Williams