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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung…Make Sure Your Lines Haven’t Sprung A Leak!

Remember when working in your yards and gardens this season, we did experience a hard freeze this year. Lines could be broken underground or at the spicket. If you have not used your system all winter, these breaks can cause a major leak once they are put back into service.  Before irrigating, it is good practice to check your lines for cracks and splits to prevent any water loss. Most of us live on sand, the water from an underground leak will just disappear without any ponding or puddling.  So, check those lines and be water wise! If you have any concerns about a possible leak, please give us a call at 830.779.2837 and we will be happy to help you identify signs of a leak.  Remember, we have the FREE Customer Portal that will alert you of leaks in on your private system.  Sign up today!  Save water, save money!